LinkedIn, The Next Compounding Platform (Long NYSE:LNKD)

Someone wise once said, as a tech. investor, our playbook is to first de-risk platform obsolescence and then execute on the complexity arbitrage (buy complexity and sell clarity).

Linkedin is the predominant professional network. Absent Instagram*, social networks such as Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter lack definitive measures to provide insights on their members’ professional social graphs. Said differently, LNKD’s competitive advantages (MOAT) remain highly defensible for the coming future albeit for two main drivers-

  1. Multiple revenue streams (Talent, Marketing, Sales & User subscriptions) indicative of a highly misunderstood TAM in comparison to market comps
  2. Lack of major competitors

In the interim, data center and capex spend will run-off and in the longer term, LNKD has the potential to be a $100B+ market cap company.

For full investment memo, please post a request below

*The illustrated destinations, # of private planes, choice of footwear, and selfie count can go a long way in providing clarity on an individual’s vocation.

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